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Things to Consider when Choosing Eyelash Extension

Are you planning to apply eyelash extension products? Maybe you saw one of your friends looking amazing with a lash extension and you want to apply one for yourself. Let start by defining what eyelash extension is. Lash extensions are applied on top of lash lane and not below the lashes. The lash extension can be applied individually or in cluster. In today’s fashion you can get different options of lash extensions either a full se or partial set. In here we will look non tips to keep in mind before choosing an eyelash extension and few types of eyelash extensions products.

First thing to put in mind is the shape of your eyes, its almond, round or protruding. Another thing to put into consideration is the size of your eyes. Is the size of your eyes small, medium or big? The color of your eyes also determines the nature of eyelash extension to apply. The eyelash extension you choose should be the same length with the eye lashes of your eyes. Eyelash extensions come in different types and it all depend on the look you want. And finally you need eyelash extensions that are not allergic to you.

Every lash salon contains best eyelash extension supplies that fit on your budget and make you look good. Eyelash extensions come in two kinds that is animal fur and the man made ones. Mink lash extension is one type of animal fur. This works well with first time clients who are thinking eyelash extension. One benefit of mink lash is that it’s not heavy although it’s costly. You must not be allergic to fur to apply this, visit this link for lash extension supplies .

Another type from animal is the fox lash extension. Fox lash extensions are the most demanding nowadays. Fox lash is beneficial in that in its natural taste its soft with reddish color. However, eyelash extensions made from animal fur require constant upkeep to maintain the curl. This affects woman who want to look smart every day. Choosing man made lash extension products help you save money.

One advantage of man-made eyelash extensions is that you don’t have to perm them. One is silk lash extension They are not heavy and not from original silk. Another type is the synthetic lash extension. Even though they are heavy the giver you best look. There is also volume lash extension which is one of the latest in the industry. They are generally made from silk and require longer process of application and may cost you extra compared to other types of lash extensions.

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Classification of Bank Transactions

When you withdraw or deposit money or process a check, a bank keeps a track of everything. When you do this it’s referred to as bank transactions. Research shows that about 5000 credit transactions happen in every second. Credit card is just one of the many bank transactions that happen every day. Another type of transaction is the debit card. In here are few types of bank transactions and how they operate, learn more.

One type of bank transaction is the unified payment interface. This type of transactions allows you to make payment using virtual address. By having the mobile number you want to send the money to is enough. One advantage of this kind of transaction is that you can send money at any time you want provided you don’t hit the maximum number of transaction. Another type of bank transaction that makes sending of money a little easier is the wire transfer. Wire transfer often handles the transaction in electronically way. Wire transfer is usually used by business people to shift money from one account to another, click for more.

Another type of transaction is the batch transaction, see website. This kind of transaction allows making a bunch of transactions at once without having to work on individual account. In order for batch transaction to go through you have to do three things. The first step thing is posting credit on the account that will make transaction first. This is followed by putting your debits on the account, online payments done and any withdrawals. You finish by adding the fess which reflects the same day or days after.

There is also paper based payments. This kind of bank transaction focuses on the bankers check, payment orders, refund orders and demand drafts. Its always be taken to be safer because you can see how the money is flowing even though the level of efficiency is less compared to electronic way of transactions. When it comes to processing transactions, paper based payments takes longer. Some people prefer this type because it gives them faith that the transaction is real and not a scam.

Another type of bank transaction is the intra bank transfer, more info. This type of transaction involves sending of money from one account to another in the same bank. Good thing about this its transaction frees. We also have online transacting as one type of bank transaction. This transaction allows you to make transactions at home or work place. You can access your account and makes payment on the palm of your hand, click here for more.

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